Monday, 6 June 2011

Romanian Strays Last Stand - International companies trading in Romania

Below are some well known British and International companies that trade within Romania. As well as obviously stateing your opposition to the new proposal that will be voted in tomorrow 7th June 2011 to amned the current management of strays within Romania. Also enquire why there company, being of such international standing and environmental and sociological ethics would support such a Government that is about to legalise animal cruelty in the worst possible way, and also enquire if their shareholders are aware of their companies business ethics to trade within such countries.

Vodafon - Fill in form


Balfour Beatty

Other International Companies that support the Government by tradeing in Romania.
Director of communications Atle Kigen, e-mail
Johan Chr. Hovland, director of communications. email
Kongsberg Defence Communications:
Nord Pool Spot:

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  1. It is out right horrible that Americans have to beg and plead to protect our horses. They built this country and deserve the recognition and all the safety we can give them. First off the BLM and the US governemnt is out right lying, the BLM is stealing their land given to them by the Roam Act of 1972. It is going to private interests. Surprise, no it is not. Speak out stop them before they are gone forever. No slaughter houses or foreign interests in selling them for food, take the land back, or send them to the preserve at Eco Mountain, paid for by Save The Mustangs and Madeline Pickens. Wake up stop the killing by the US government and their money grubbing interests.