Monday, 6 June 2011

Romanian Strays Last Stand - Media Contacts

These guys need to know how sickend you are that there has been no coverage of the planned mass genocide in against a species like is being planned in Romania tomorrow Tuesday 7th June 2011,and that you have previously informed them of this over the last few weeks.
That you urgeing them to cover this story and to report fully on the evidence against this horrific proposal that can be found easily on the internet.

Remember to include the link to the Wall of Speaking European Faces in your emails to these people.

UK News papers email addresses:;;;;;;;,,,, ,,,,,,,,

Romanian Press (mass media),,,,,,,

Other Media
CNN Feedback form, please alert CNN via this form of tomorrows horrific vote.,,,


  1. How can anyone stand by and know the horror that the Romanina government is doing to the innocent animals. Please not another Holocost!!

  2. It is out right horrible that Americans have to beg and plead to protect our horses. They built this country and deserve the recognition and all the safety we can give them. First off the BLM and the US governemnt is out right lying, the BLM is stealing their land given to them by the Roam Act of 1972. It is going to private interests. Surprise, no it is not. Speak out stop them before they are gone forever. No slaughter houses or foreign interests in selling them for food, take the land back, or send them to the preserve at Eco Mountain, paid for by Save The Mustangs and Madeline Pickens. Wake up stop the killing by the US government and their money grubbing interests.