Monday, 6 June 2011

Romanian Strays Last Stand -European Parliamentary Members

Your own MEP - We really need to be driving home to these guys we are not impressed with them not representing or acting upon their own constituents wishes when we are demanding they question the Romanian Government on this mew proposal.

 Romanian MEPS - These guys need reminding of Romanias now weak standing in the EU, and that if this new law is brought into affect,this will only have negative ratifications in regards to all relationships with other EU member states.

1) Click here and find the details of your own MEP, also inlcluding in your correspondence. She is Vice chair of the parliamentry animal welfare intergroup.
2) See below for email contacts of Romanian MEPS from various parties and ask them, as well as your own MEP what on earth is going on. Is the Romanian voting system rigged,why are main government figures so confident that the vote to euthanize all strays will be implemented before even a vote has been got.
Keep your correspondence polite but to the point. Normally I would construct a generic letter for you guys to send if you wanted. But I think at this point, your own personal words need to be read.

Romanian MEP's

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