Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The commission met today and are for the proposal to euthanise at local level, but....they still need to vote this in. Dont give up

Today the commission met in regards to amending the law to allow euthanasia to be decided at local level. (This was a secret meeting it wasn't even listed to be discussed) The commission agreed on this and has sent it to be voted upon next week.




Friday, 12 August 2011

Romania Animal Aid - Action Alert for the Romanian Governments proposal to allow mass genocide of strays

This really is the Romanian Strays last stand. In  a few weeks the Romanian Government will be pushing through a proposal that will allow the mayor of each municipality to decide or not to commit mass genocide of all strays in his/her region. Whether the strays are on the streets or within a public shelter.

We all know the vile and horrific methods used to kill these animals. This is normally the cheapest but not most effective ways. From posioning,to being beaten with a metal bar, puppies heads being smashed over and over against the nearest concrete wall to litterally being kicked and punched to death. There are even known cases of dogs being stunned then thrown alive into crematorium ovens and burnt to death.

We simply cannot allow this to continue, we cannot allow a free for all on these defencless animals. The animal rights laws are already being ignored and thwarted across Romania by the authorities, this amended law will mean there will  be no legal repercussions on the cruelty that will follow if this proposal is allowed to take hold in Romania.

By simply following the instructions from each of the sections on our action alert, you will be the voice of the defencless, you will be saying NO to this horrific proposal. must act now, time is running out.

First before you do anything, please ensure you sign the European petition by clicking here and then share to all your friends. We cannot stress how important it is that this petition gets as many signatures as possible!

After you have signed the petition, please carry on with this action alert and follow the instructions in the next sections

Click here for Romania Animal Aid Home page when you are done


Monday, 6 June 2011

Romanian Strays Last Stand - Contact the people who voted/Abstained/Didn't Vote

It is very important that we contact all that have voted and didnt vote, but our correspondence to each group must be coming at this from different angles. This will take the longest amount of time, so even if you just do 10 from each list that is something, but if possible do all. Please remember to include the link to the European Wall of faces in all your emails.
You will find a list of all who voted below, your own personal messages are needed now, please be polite at all times, even to the ones who voted to bring in the new law.
  1. Contact the Ministers who abstained from voting today (Details Below)
  2. Contact the Ministers who did not vote today(Details Below) 
  3. Contact the Ministers who voted Yes to sending back the law, thank them for being the voice of reason amongst this madness and how their actions would eventually show the rest of Europe that Romania is not a Barbaric country and that they have Europe’s full support and hope that they will consider working with the NGOs rather than opting to what mistakenly is being proposed is a quick fix.(Details below) 
  4. Contact the Ministers who voted NU to sending back the new law,and wanting it to be implemented immediately. Strongly but politely urge them to change there vote (Details below)
Ministers who Abstained
The Ministers who Abstained, were unsure of how to vote. Push the case forward in regards of animal cruelty, of Europe’s view of this barbaric proposed amendment and the huge outcry that was provoked from all across the globe when this new amendment was learnt by us all. It is Romania’s barbarity and cruelty towards strays that have decreased tourism, not the strays themselves. That the only way forward for Romania to gain the confidence of Europe again is by adopting an approach where the government works alongside the NGO's, focusing more on CNR programmes that mass euthanasia

Brătianu Matei Radu
Cărare Viorel
Edler András György
Neculai Marius
Săftoiu Ana Adriana

Ministers who didn’t vote
The Ministers who did not vote, correspondence to these guys is the same as the ministers who abstained,but also emphasising how desperately their vote is needed to ensure Romania regained the trust of Europe again. That they must use their vote to STOP the new law taking affect,and the only amendment to the management of strays must be to work closely NGO's not against them

Gabor Gheorghe
Geantă Florian Daniel
Oprişcan Mihai Doru
Soporan Vasile Filip
Stroe Mihai

Ministers who Voted NU
Regardless what you think of these people, be firm but polite. Disagree with their vote to not send the law back for review,  and state your reasons why. Strongly urge them to reconsider, also mentioning how an amendment in the law will not only affect Romanias already tarnished standing within the European Community but also with International tradeing. That you are aware that a number of UK based and International Companies are being contacted in relation to their suporting the Romanian Government in this action and suggestions that shareholders of these companie,the bulk are UK citizens should be contacted also.
Antochi Gheorghe
Bot Octavian
Budurescu Daniel-Stamate
Buican Cristian
Buta Sorin Gheorghe
Calimente Mihăiţă
Călin Ion
Câmpeanu Mariana
Chiţoiu Daniel
Cindrea Ioan
Ciocan Gheorghe
Ciuhodaru Tudor
Coclici Radu Eugeniu
Covaci Dorel
Cristea Victor
Croitoru Cătălin
Dobre Victor Paul
Dragomir Gheorghe
Drăghici Mircea-Gheorghe
Drăghici Sonia-Maria
Dumitrache Ileana Cristina
Dumitrescu Cristian-Sorin
Gavrilescu Graţiela Leocadia
Ghiţă-Eftemie Stelian
Giurgiu Mircia
Gorghiu Alina-Ştefania
Grama Horia
Holban Titi
Horj Pavel
Ibram Iusein
Itu Cornel
Luca Ciprian-Florin
Lupu Mihai
Manolescu Oana
Mitrea Manuela
Mocanu Vasile
Motreanu Dan-Ştefan
Munteanu Ioan
Neacşu Marian
Nechifor Cătălin-Ioan
Nica Dan
Nicolăescu Gheorghe-Eugen
Nistor Laurenţiu
Nosa Iuliu
Palaşcă Viorel
Palăr Ionel

Pambuccian Varujan
Panţîru Tudor
Pâslaru Florin-Costin
Popov Duşan
Răţoi Neculai
Roman Gheorghe
Roşca Lucreţia
Socaciu Victor
Solomon Adrian
Stanciu Anghel
Stragea Sorin Constantin
Surpăţeanu Mihai
Ştirbu Gigel-Sorinel
Ţintean Ioan
Uioreanu Horea-Dorin
Varga Lucia-Ana
Vasile Aurelia
Vlădoiu Aurel
Voicu Mihai Alexandru

Ministers who voted Yes(DA)
Thank them for being the voice of reason amongst this madness and how their actions would eventually show the rest of Europe that Romania is not a Barbaric country and that they have Europe’s full support and hope that they will consider working with the NGOs rather than opting to what mistakenly is being proposed is a quick fix : Remember to add link to Wall of European Faces

Antal István  
Apostolache Mihai Cristian
Avram Marian
Axenie Carmen 
 Balan Ioan  
Béres Ştefan Vasile 
Blaga Iosif Veniamin 
Bobeş Marin 
Bode Lucian Nicolae 
Boiangiu Victor 
Brînză William Gabriel
Chircu Doiniţa-Mariana 
Chirilă Constantin 
Burlacu Cristian-Ion 
Ciobanu Gheorghe 
 Cionca-Arghir Iustin-Marinel 
Ciucă Liviu-Bogdan
Coroamă Gheorghe 
 Dascălu Constantin
Dobre Cristina Elena 
Dascălu Constantin
Dugulescu Marius Cristinel 
Erdei Dolóczki István 
Farago Petru
Farkas Anna-Lili
Gheorghe Tinel .
Gliga Vasile Ghiorghe 
Göndör Marius-Sorin
Iacob Ridzi Monica Maria
Dugulescu Marius Cristinel 
 Ionescu George 
Irimescu Mircea
Gurzău Adrian
Hogea Gheorghe 
 Kelemen Atilla-Béla-László
Kötő Iosif
Marian Dan Mihai
Máté András-Levente
Merka Adrian-Miroslav
Militaru Constantin Severus
Niţu Adrian Henorel 
 Olar Corneliu corneliu.olar@cdep.r
Pál Árpád
Petö Csilla-Mária
Petrescu Cristian 
 Postolachi Florin 
 Riviş-Tipei Lucian  
Seremi Ştefan 
Seres Dénes
Stavrositu Maria 
Stroian Toader 
Şandru Mihaela Ioana 
Toader Mircea-Nicu 
Trăşculescu Alin Silviu . 
Vîlcu Samoil
Vladu Iulian
Zamfirescu Sorin Ştefan 
 Zătreanu Dan-Radu
 Zoicaş Gheorghe

Romanian Strays Last Stand - International companies trading in Romania

Below are some well known British and International companies that trade within Romania. As well as obviously stateing your opposition to the new proposal that will be voted in tomorrow 7th June 2011 to amned the current management of strays within Romania. Also enquire why there company, being of such international standing and environmental and sociological ethics would support such a Government that is about to legalise animal cruelty in the worst possible way, and also enquire if their shareholders are aware of their companies business ethics to trade within such countries.

Vodafon - Fill in form


Balfour Beatty

Other International Companies that support the Government by tradeing in Romania.
Director of communications Atle Kigen, e-mail
Johan Chr. Hovland, director of communications. email
Kongsberg Defence Communications:
Nord Pool Spot:

Romanian Strays Last Stand - International Governments

Below is a list of International Governments etc. As for there support in the fight against this horrific proposal that will be voted on tomorrow 7th June 2011.

Remember to add the link to the Wall of European Faces

Denmark Government:
Hungarian Government:
UK Prime Minister David Cameron:
Italian Government:
Netherlands Government, fill out form
German Government, fill out form
United States, The White House, fill out form

Romanian Strays Last Stand - Media Contacts

These guys need to know how sickend you are that there has been no coverage of the planned mass genocide in against a species like is being planned in Romania tomorrow Tuesday 7th June 2011,and that you have previously informed them of this over the last few weeks.
That you urgeing them to cover this story and to report fully on the evidence against this horrific proposal that can be found easily on the internet.

Remember to include the link to the Wall of Speaking European Faces in your emails to these people.

UK News papers email addresses:;;;;;;;,,,, ,,,,,,,,

Romanian Press (mass media),,,,,,,

Other Media
CNN Feedback form, please alert CNN via this form of tomorrows horrific vote.,,,

Romanian Strays Last Stand -European Parliamentary Members

Your own MEP - We really need to be driving home to these guys we are not impressed with them not representing or acting upon their own constituents wishes when we are demanding they question the Romanian Government on this mew proposal.

 Romanian MEPS - These guys need reminding of Romanias now weak standing in the EU, and that if this new law is brought into affect,this will only have negative ratifications in regards to all relationships with other EU member states.

1) Click here and find the details of your own MEP, also inlcluding in your correspondence. She is Vice chair of the parliamentry animal welfare intergroup.
2) See below for email contacts of Romanian MEPS from various parties and ask them, as well as your own MEP what on earth is going on. Is the Romanian voting system rigged,why are main government figures so confident that the vote to euthanize all strays will be implemented before even a vote has been got.
Keep your correspondence polite but to the point. Normally I would construct a generic letter for you guys to send if you wanted. But I think at this point, your own personal words need to be read.

Romanian MEP's